100 Word Challenge - Week 11 (20)

“Ah, the Great Debate!” my history teacher announces. Not about politics, nor about human rights, but about the most important thing to a group of 8 year old kiwi boys ( I know what your thinking, but it’s not girls either). Marmite! 
We video call our sister school in Australia, to debate whether Marmite or Vegemite are better. Me and my mates reckon we have the debate in the bag. Because we are a bunch or strong tough kiwi guys, and the opposition are a bunch of sissy aussie girls.

The debate starts with a bang. The girls overwhelm us with their big words, and ability not to get flustered. We are losing by far so we send up our smartest (weakest in strength) nevertheless, he is known in our class as ‘Big Brain.’  The aussie closer finishes, we expect for Big Brain to engulf them with all the words he knows. He freezes. We try and nudge him on. Finally he says “No, I like marmite.” And we know we’ll never be able to live this down.


  1. Rachel, I loved your 100WC! It is fast paced, interesting and really gets to the heart of the situation. You have a really strong author's voice which comes through so clearly. Fantastic.

    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand


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