100 Word Challenge - Week 12 (20)

I walked into the art gallery. Astounded by the various creations. Hear the violins softly playing, to complement the vibe of the room. I walk around the corner, to the sculpture gallery. I see a crowd of people around one piece. I squeeze my way through the crowd and I'm flabbergasted by what I see. A purple elephant. Ugly in every way possible. With a huge grin across its face, making everyone but me feel happy. As the crowd starts to depart, I stay. Unable to take my eyes off it. Alas I see it. Beauty in its own form. The smile that manages to light up a room full of people. Though it’s not the prettiest elephant, I can feel the warmth of its heart.


  1. I really liked your overall story and I also liked how you used short sentences to emphasize your words.

  2. To Rachel
    I really like how the first person sees the beauty in a ugly purple elephant. It shows that there's always beauty inside. Come and check out my 100 wc, you may enjoy it. Type in Georgina 19 edublogs. Hope to hear from you soon!!
    From Georgina


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