100 Word Challenge - Holiday Week 1

Though it might not be intentional,
We do our best to fit in.

Though we don’t exactly know what that means,
We still do it.

From not sitting with a ‘weird friend’ at lunch to dying your hair pink,
We try to be ‘normal’.

Especially during our teenage years,
We feel the importance of being ‘normal’.

Do stupid things to try and be ‘cool’,
Even though we consciously know how bad it is,
We still do it.

This is until we realise that being ‘popular’ is completely different from fitting in,
We all fit in.

There are enough people in this world for each person to have a friend,
Popularity doesn’t define you,
But your friends do.


  1. Joel (Team100WC)

    This is really good! The whole piece is very well-written and the theme is incredibly well articulated, as well as being mature and well-considered. Great work!


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